Specimen Workbook Page 9

Pistol ShrimpAlpheus heterochaelis  The largest variety of Pistol or Snapping shrimp along the S.E. Atlantic coasts. They are quite attractive, with blue and sometimes pinkish tinges to their green bodies. Pistol shrimps are very secretive, burrowing in the mud, sand, or living in tin cans or under rocks. The loud, popping sound they make with their large claw can be heard from quite a distance, and may be used to scare predators, or attract each other during the mating season. Subphylum: Crustacea, Order: Decopoda, Infraorder: Caridea
Porcelain CrabPetrolisthes armatus  A rather small, very flat crab with large claws that lives among oysters, tunicates, and in the crevices of rocks. Commonly greenish-brown, although some types are quite attractive with red or blue spots on their shells. When disturbed, they will quickly scurry around to the other side of the rock or shell, usually eluding a predator. Subphylum: Crustacea, Order: Decopoda, Infraorder: Caridea
Purple Sea UrchinArbacia punctulata  Its long bristling spines help protect it against predators. Using its tube feet to cling to rocks, it chews off algae, barnacles and sponges with its powerful jaws. Class: Echinoldea
Red Beard SpongeMicrociona prolifera  Encrusts shells, grass blades and rocks. Scientists use it to study cellular reaggregations. If separated cell from cell, the cells swim back together to reform a sponge. Class: Demospongiae
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