Panacea Picklearium: the very name conjures up humorous images of Dr. Seuss, “One fish two fish red fish blue fish” in bottles. However, it is a serious merging of science and art. This brand-new exhibit at the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab fills a gap. The exhibit displays rare, preserved creatures from the deep marine environment, such as a Ninja Lantern Shark,or the giant snake eel or deep sea squid that cannot be kept alive in aquariums. .  Nevertheless, over the years we have been able to briefly display a few of these mini-monsters like the deep like the giant sea roach or the hagfish. 

Our Panacea Picklearium is a unique vibrant display merging art and science designed to fascinate, amaze and sometimes even frighten people with bizarre mini monsters from the deep. It is a most unforgettable experience. 

Preparing Creatures of the Deep