The Artists of Gulf Specimen

Joseph Rugolo (1911-1983), father of founder, Jack Rudloe

His WPA works are displayed in the Smithsonian, Brooklyn Museum, and more.

Christopher Still

Christopher Still donated six mural prints to GSML after the Deep Water Horizon Oil spill, and credits Rudloe with urging him to become an artist. 

Craig Pittman, famed environmental reporter wrote, “ In a way he reminds me of Johnny Appleseed, but instead of trees he plants in young minds a fascination with marine biology. Take, for example, acclaimed Tarpon Springs mural artist Christopher Still, whose work often features detailed depictions of Florida sea life. He credits Rudloe for that.

“When I was 8 or 9, my father took me over to meet him,” Still told me. “He started pulling stuff out of the touch tanks and showing it to me — sea hares and sea cucumbers … . That Jack took the time to sit there and pull stuff out and show those things to me, it meant a lot. People who are excited about what they do excite other people, and children are attuned to the genuineness of it.”

Jack Rudloe’s Influence and Birthday Party:

Walter Anderson

Born New Orleans, LA 1903-died Ocean Springs, MS 1965, The Walter Anderson Museum
of Art (WAMA) is an art museum in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. WAMA celebrates
the work of American master Walter Inglis Anderson.

Brandon Balangee

Collapse is a sculptural response to the global crisis for the world’s fisheries and the threat of unraveling the Gulf of Mexico’s food-chain following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The pyramid of 26,162 preserved specimens represents 370 species of fish and other aquatic organisms collected from the Gulf Coast, a region of diverse fish species and of socio-economic importance. This pyramidal installation references the fragile interrelationships between aquatic species in the Gulf food chain. Empty jars represent species in decline or those that have already been lost to extinction. Collapse is a sculptural sketch that represents the Gulf of Mexico food chain starting with smaller life forms working its way up to the top with large predators. Collapse was created in scientific collaboration with Todd Gardener, Jack Rudloe, and Peter Warny. 


Beautiful Catastrophe: An Artist-Scientist Looks Into the Face of Extinction

Brandon Ballengée

Andrea Whitin's Mural in GSML's Mother Ocean Room

One of our Talented Volunteers

GSML Mural by Naomi Haverland and Samantha Shumaker

Naomi Haverland

Sabrina Shumaker of Shumaker Art. Fantastical Sculpture & Paintings.

Carey Hamburg, painted the luminous octopus in our new Picklarium Exhibit