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Sea Urchins


Living Assortments

Our living assortments offer an economical way to receive a large variety of animals at a reduce cost. Due to the ever increasing freight costs we have redesigned our assortments to reduce weight and shipping costs, and still maintain diversity. More

Porifera / Sponges

Once considered ‘sea vegetables’, sponges are animals made up with simple arrangements of cells that lack organs. They grow from tiny encrusting colonies a few cells thick to massive boulders with a dazzling array of form and color. More


Flowers of the sea, the hydroids, anemones, corals and jelly-fishes, all bearing whorls of stinging tentacles around their mouths, are stubbed with tiny stinging nematocysts. More


Jointed legs and an external skeleton are the two features that unite all arthropods. More


Since there are no fresh water echinoderms, this is one of the most popular phylogenetic assortments, with collections of writhing brittlestars lashing their snaky arms, bristling sea urchins and burrowing sand dollars. More


The formation of a notochord, and then a backbone was a big step in evolution. Tunicates which produce “tadpole” larvae are well represented in the glistening chunks of sea pork, knobby potato-like solitary forms or sea grapes. More

Marine Fish

AS-260 FISH ASSORTMENT The greatest diversity of fish form and function is found among marine species. Here the flat fishes, flounders, hog chokers, tonguefish, represent the epitomy of depression, and eels are the most elongate. Blowfish inflate themselves, and pipefish, looking like blades of grass, are perfect in camouflage. While these examples are likely to…

Marine Plants

With their diaphanous often dazzling colors, intricate designs and textures, the humble seaweeds are a treat for the eyes, and one of the great wonders on earth. More


The creeping foot, the unsegmented body and shell secreting mantle are brought to life in the mollusk. Spirals of the shell, created by mantle secretions fascinate the eye. More

Experiment Kits

Experiment Kits come with live specimens and supplies need to perform educational and fun labs. Kits come with main components need for experiments. Other equipment may be needed such as saltwater aquarium for housing of marine life. With proper care specimens can be kept and reused for future labs. If you are not familiar with…

Aquarium Food and Supplies

Gulf Specimen carries sand, sea water, rock, live food and materials to help you maintain your laboratory aquarium. Following are a few of the products available. More


Ctenophores are one of the most beautiful, frail creatures to be found anywhere in the ocean. More


Enter the segmented world of the bristleworms, found from the ocean’s depths to the high tide line. More

Bryozoa (Ectoprocta)

Bugula neritina, the traditional textbook example of a bryozoan. An erect, branching colonial form that demonstrates polymorphism. The feeding zooids and avicularia are fascinating to watch under a dissecting scope. More


Although Glottidea has no fossil record, lingulids have remained virtually unchanged since the Ordovician period. More


This species buries in the sand, building an elongated tube by cementing individual sand grains together. These specimens are freshly collected for each order. More


Under a dissecting scope it’s fascinating to watch this dwarf unsegmented worm withdrawing its introvert and then thrusting it out like the finger of a rubber glove. More


A varied collection of free-living polyclad flat worms taken in dredge hauls or removed from fouling communities. Collections may include Stylochus ellipticus, S. zebra, and Prostheceraeus floridanus. More


Sporadically available, occasionally we find them boring into rock. More