Myrtle Oak

Quercus myrtifolia

General Information:

This broadleaf, evergreen tree can grow up to 20 feet tall and can spread up to 10 feet wide. It is in full bloom from April to May and can be found in full sun to partial shade. It is natively found in dry and sandy soils in dunes, sandhills, dry ridges, and coastal plains. It can form dense thickets in coastal areas. It produces flowers which immediately are followed by acorns. 

Medicinal Uses:

The bark of the myrtle oak has been used as an antiseptic and a hemostatic, often to cure toothaches and gastropathies. It also has anti-inflammation properties and can heal burns. 

Did You Know:

The myrtle oak has no known insect or disease problems, even though oaks are very susceptible plants.