Haspan Flatsedge

Cyperus haspan

General Information:

The haspan flatsedge grows wild in both seasonal and permanent wet grasslands. It is commonly found in the tropics and subtropics in ditches, marshes, river beds, swamps, and more wet places. It is a somewhat grass-like annual-perennial. The piths are commonly used for lamp wicks and the leaves and stems are used for weaving.

Medicinal Uses:

This plant can be decocted and used to internally treat shingles. The whole plant can be used with other plants to treat fevers. If you smoke the pith, it can be used as a febrifuge. The rhizomes are considered diuretic and can be made into a paste to treat kidney problems, lactation issues and used for general healing. 

Did You Know:

You can prepare salt from the ashes of the haspan flatsedge plant.