Scarlet Creeper

Ipomoea hederifolia



General Information:

This annual vine has been seen growing up to 10 feet tall. It blooms in the summer and fall and produces bright red flowers. It is commonly seen growing on fences and trellises, but will also grow up trees and across the ground. It can grow in full sun or part shade and has a low salt tolerance to salt spray. It also cannot tolerate extreme winters and flood areas. The scarlet creeper can, however, survive long periods of droughts.  

Medicinal Uses:

The scarlet creeper is used in medicines as a diuretic, anthelmintic, blood purifier, deobstruent, laxative, carminative, and as an anti-inflammatory. It has also been used to treat abdominal disorders, fevers, headaches, and bronchitis. 

Did You Know:

The scarlet creeper attracts various bird and insect species including hummingbirds and large butterflies.