Ax-1900 AMPHIOXUS, Branchiostoma floridae


Everyone should see a living example of this extremely important organism that comes closer than any other to the transition between invertebrates and vertebrates. Unlike stiff, opaque, embalmed specimens the notochord can be clearly viewed in the living animal. Amphioxus burrows rapidly through sand by vibrating its body. They swim at night with lateral movements. Gravid specimens available March through June on special order. Size: 2-4 cm.

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Amphioxus and The Ancestry of the Vertebrates by Arthur Wiley

With the exception of the admirable account given by the late Prof. Milnes Marshall, last year, in his “Vertebrate Embryology,” most of the works relating to this form are of a special nature, and to many not easily accessible. A consecutive history of the more recent observations was, therefore, greatly needed by those whose opportunities did not permit them to follow out the matter for themselves, and who will welcome a book written in an extremely lucid style by a naturalist who can speak with authority on the subject.


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