Shrimp boats bring up a huge assortment of benthic invertebrates and bottom-feeding fish. One might find cowfish, spiny boxfish, ling, batfish, and sand eels, along with pigfish, grunts, and flounder. Sea pansies flash with bio-luminescence, and mantis shrimps with high stalked green eyes flex and strike with their spiny tails. Pink shrimp, with glowing red eyes, red and white calico crabs, orange starfish, and writhing brittlestars add color and excitement to the catch. You never know what the net will bring up next. Specimens are held in our closed system tanks and acclimated before shipping.

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Small Assortment – 15 Specimens : $135.00, Medium Assortment – 25 Specimens :$191.00, Large Assortment – 40 Specimens : $270.00