This assortment serves two purposes. It demonstrates the tremendous diversity of conspicuous marine invertebrates and slow moving bottom fish found in sea grass beds, mud flats, rock bottoms, and sand flats. It also provides a variety of hardy, long-lived organisms for the aquarium. The dredge brings up sea urchins, whelks, conchs, starfish, red footed sea cucumbers, crabs, and sea anemones. Often there are magnificently colored sponges, along with several species of grass shrimp, crabs, tunicates, and orange bryozoans. Two 20-gallon aquariums should be used to separate the predators from the prey.

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Small Assortment – 15 Specimens : $135.00, Medium Assortment – 25 Specimens : $191.00, Large Assortment – 40 Specimens : $270.00