Mille Graines

Oldenlandia corymbosa



General Information:

This erect, branched, annual shrub can have stems up to 40 centimeters long and is harvested for food, medicine and a source of dye for fabrics. It is commonly found in grasslands, river beds, alongside ponds, and along cultivated grounds. It is labeled as an invasive weed because of its ability to grow fast and colonize disturbed areas, gardens, farmlands, roadsides and more. It produces large amounts of seeds that are dispersed by water, animals and vehicles. 

Medicinal Uses:

The mille graines leaves are juiced and used to treat stomach disorders and applied externally to hands and feet to treat fevers. The plant itself is used externally as a poultice to treat sores and sore eyes. 

Did You Know:

Mille Graines is a rich source of vitamin C.