Feijoa Sellowiana

Acca sellowiana

General Information:

The feijoa is an evergreen shrub that blooms early to late spring and produces red and white flowers in July. It can grow as tall as 9 feet and as wide as 9 ft. It can grow in dry to moist soils and cannot survive in the shade. The seeds will ripen from October to January, but have leaves all year round. The feijoa is not self-fertile and requires pollination by insects.

Medicinal Uses:

There are no known medical uses for the feijoa.

Did You Know:

The Feijoa fruit can be used in pies, puddings, jams, jellies and cakes. You can also eat the fruits or flowers without cooking them. It is said that it tastes like a cross between a strawberry and a pineapple. The flowers are said to taste like marshmallows.