False Pimpernel

Torenia crustacea

General Information:

This short-lived annual-perennial plant can grow up to 20 cm tall with a very branched stem. It can survive in both wetland and non-wetland habitats. It is one of the most common plants used in Chinese pharmacies for medicines in Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Medicinal Uses:

It has been used in treating bilious disorders, dysentery, amenorrhoea, and hepatitis. It is also said to have emetic and cathartic properties. If you powder the herb and mix it with water, it can treat diarrhea, vomiting, and cholera. Decoctions have been given after childbirth. Topically, it can be applied to boils, itches, sores, infected fingernails, and tick wounds. 

Did You Know:

It is very unlikely for the false pimpernel to go extinct due to the wide range of anthropogenic habitats, such as rice fields. It is classified as ‘Least Concern’.