Cinnamomum camphora

General Information:

Listed as an invasive species in north and central Florida, the camphor tree can be found throughout Florida, Georgia, and western Texas. This tree will produce small flowers that can be greenish white to a pale yellow and also small, dark, fleshy drupes as fruit. The leaves have an alternate orientation with a glossy topside (adaxial) and a duller underside (abaxial). 

Medicinal Uses:

Topically, the camphor tree can be used to act as a counterirritant and an antiseptic. Traditionally, it is used in treatments for heart conditions, colds, fevers, respiratory complaints, inflammatory conditions, infections, diarrhea, and hysteria.

Did You Know:

The quickest way to identify a camphor tree is to peel back the bark or snap a twig and release the camphor scent. 

The chemical composition of camphor that enters our bay waters.