Air Potato Vine

Dioscorea bulbifera

General Information:

Even though they are found in nearly every Florida county, the air potato vine is a nonnative-invasive species originally from Asia, Africa, South Pacific and northern Australia. This fast-growing species can grow up to 8 inches per day and contains a variety of toxic compounds in both the underground tubers and aerial bulbs. While most vines grow clockwise around tree trunks, the air potato vine grows in a counter-clockwise direction. 

Medicinal Uses:

Air potato vines are used in traditional Ayurvedic (a traditional Indian system of medicine) medicinal practices in Asa to treat diarrhea, sore throats, and jaundice.

Did You Know:

All air potato vines in Florida have been females and reproduce by sprouting from the bulbils. They are all clones or genetic copies of their original parent plant.

It is a class one invasive.