Sharks and Rays

*Gulf Specimen Marine Lab does not ship live sharks at present. Frozen or iced sharks and selected tissues are available on a special collection basis.

Atlantic sting ray (Dasyatis sabina)

F-2110 ATLANTIC STINGRAY, Dasyatis sabina

Has a venomous spine on its lashing tail that can cause a wound and painful swelling that takes months to heal. The sting ray also possesses high concentrations of uric acid in its body tissues and blood. Readily available at almost any time of the year. Size: 18-30 cm.

Each: $93.50


Southern stingray (Dasyatis americana)

F-2115 SOUTHERN STINGRAY, Dasyatis americana 

Larger then the Atlantic stingray. Females can reach a disc width of up to 150cm. Available sporadically. Size: 8-30 cm.

Each: $112.50



Brazilian electric ray (Narcine brasiliensis)

F-2120 ELECTRIC RAY, Narcine brasiliensis

A rich source of acetylocholinesterase. They are sluggish creatures that employ electric organs for stunning their prey; more than 20 volts has been recorded from this form. Their electric organs are large, kidney shaped and accessible for rapid dissection. Size: 6-24 cm.

Each: $101.50


F-2125 CLEARNOSE SKATE, Raja eglanteria

Call for availability.

Each: $93.50



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F-2130 SMOOTH BUTTERFLY RAY, Gymnura micrura

A useful source material for uric acid and easy to handle because it has no poisonous barb. Size: 12-24 cm.

Each: $93.50


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