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A striped sea cucumber (Thyonella gemmata)

E-1740 STRIPED SEA CUCUMBER, Thyonella gemmata

A practically indestructible mud-burrowing, thick-skinned holothurian that lives in a U-shaped burrow. Its bright red blood is a source of invertebrate hemoglobin. Recommended as a good laboratory dissection specimen. Doesn’t eviscerate. Size: 10-12 cm.

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Red footed sea cucumbers (Pentacta pygmaea)

E-1770 RED FOOTED SEA CUCUMBER, Pentacta pygmaea

A small, brown holothurian which clings to rocks and seaweed with unusually large, highly modified tube feet. An abundance of ossicles in the body wall makes it stiffer than most other sea cucumbers. In the aquarium it will climb the glass to the water level at night. Periodically its crown of feathery black tentacles will emerge from the anterior end. Pentacta will not eviscerate when handled. Size: 4-6 cm.

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E-1772 LABORATORY SEA CUCUMBER, Thyone briareus

Occurs abundantly from Maine to Texas, and has been traditionally used for dissection and study. When contracted, it turns into a tight round turgid ball. Normally, they lie buried, with only their flowery crowns rising above the sand.

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A Mexican spiny sea cucumber (Thyone mexicana)

E-1773 MEXICAN SEA CUCUMBER, Thyone mexicana

These sluggish sea cucumber are commonly mistaken as small rocks because of their small size. They can be found buried in mud where they may eviscerate if threatened or disturbed.


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A giant sea cucumber (Isostychopus badonotus)

E-1780 GIANT SEA CUCUMBER, Isostychopus badonotus

Grows to be the largest of all cucumbers in the Gulf of Mexico. This, and other large species, are dried and eaten in oriental countries. Lives in mud flats in deeper water offshore. Size: 12-18 cm.

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Reaches a maximum length of 10 inches. The slender and cylindrical body gently tapers. Coloration is highly variable. Found in turtle grass beds and sand bottoms.

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