Phylum Ctenophora

Ctenophores are one of the most beautiful, frail creatures to be found anywhere in the ocean. Some are shaped like little glass balls, others like tulips, almost perfectly clear except for their ciliated comb plates that look like zippers.

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Ct-290 SEA WALNUT, Mnemiopsis macrydi. No preserved ctenophore can begin

Sea walnut jellyfish (Mnemiopsis macrydi) at Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium.

tocompare to the living animal. The beautiful shimmering comb plates beat constantly and rhythmically, refracting the sunlight into iridescence. At night they glow with a marvelous, fiery greenish bioluminescence. Ctenophores have high powers of regeneration. Size 2-6 cm.

Each: 15.00

Dozen: 165.00



Ct-291 THIMBLE JELLYFISH, Beroe ovata, a large golden ctenophore that feeds upon

A thimble jellyfish (Beroe ovata) at Gulf Specimen Marine Lab.

The sea walnut. They are brilliantly luminescent. Available sporadically from October through April. Size: 4-8 cm.

Each: 15.00