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Cn-250 GRAY SEA ANEMONE, Bunodactis stelloides

They are a relatively large, burrowing sea anemone found at low tide in sandy, outer beaches. Normally they feed on mole crabs and attach bits of shell to the surface of their column with minute sucker discs. Bunodactis will readily contract when touched, but will relax and expand the tentacles within moments. Stimulus can be applied repeatedly with the same result. More abundant in winter. Size: 4-6 cm.

Each: $28.50


Warty sea anemone, (Bundosoma cavernata)

Cn-251 WARTY SEA ANEMONE, Bunodosoma cavernata

A hardy brownish green anemone with vertical pale blue columnar dots and small retractile tentacles that lives on rocks and jetties in the intertidal zone. Size: 2-4 cm.

Each: $17.50



Cn-260 ROCK ANEMONE, Aiptasia pallida

Rock anemone (Aiptasia pallida)

These anemones have long tentacles and demonstrates partial retraction. Because they reproduce by budding, a few well fed individuals will soon multiply to hundreds and cover the rocks like soft brown fuzz.

Each: $10.50




Cn-261 TROPICAL PLUMED ANEMONE, Condylactus gigantea

A large coral reef anemone from the Florida Keys. Ranges from bright orange to white to purple, in soft pastels, our showiest anemone. Incorporates algae into its tissues, and when deprived of light, the tentacles turn snowy white. Recommended for display aquariums.
Size 7-10 cm.

Each: $21.50



Cn-270 CLOAK ANEMONE, Calliactis tricolor

They are a bizarre, red dish-pink sea anemone that lives on shells inhabited by hermit crabs. A fascinating example of symbiosis. The anemone’s nematocysts protect the hermit crab from predators. The crab provides the anemone with food and mobility. Flat clawed hermits (Ar-1420) often fight over anemones and steal them from one another. Size 1-3 cm. across base.

Each: $19.00



Cn-271 FOULING ANEMONE, Aiptasiomorpha texaensis, covers the surface of styrofoam docks and oysters with density of a wheat field. They can tolerate brackish water, and reproduce in the aquarium. Size: 0.5-0.8 cm. in diameter.

Dozen: $27.50


Cn-280 TUBE SEA ANEMONE, Ceriantheopsis americanus

A showy reddish-purple anemone that spins a tube of mucus, sand, and mud within which it moves up and down like an elevator. In the aquarium it will build a handsome new tube from gravel and silt, and its delicate flowering tentacles make it the star of the tank. Ceriantheopsis is a quick, responsive feeder, and quickly withdraws into its tube when touched. Exhibits phosphorescense under ultraviolet radiation. Tube size: 12-16 cm, animal size: 3-6 cm.

Each: $34.00



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