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Class Scyphozoa
True scyphozoan jellyfish are a familiar sight along the seashore, and they can usually be seen pulsating along the shallows, contracting and expanding their umbrellas. Along the southeast Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts a number of species are common. In some summer months millions of pale white Cannonball Jellyfish Stomolophus meleagris (right photo) rapidly move through the blue water, stinging everything in their path. Large rubbery Rhopilema verrilli are visitors to north Florida shores during the late Fall, and Stomolophus and Rhopilema are seen commonly throughout the winter cast up on the beaches, but vary from year to year. The following are the species that we can most often supply.


Cn-155 MANGROVE or “UPSIDE DOWN” JELLYFISH, Cassiopea xamachana or Jellyfish2frondosa, a beautiful brown and white jelly fish found by the thousands among the roots of mangroves in the southern Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and other tropical waters. Cassiopea gracefully pulsate through the water, landing upside down on the muddy bottom sediment to expose the symbiotic algae in their tissues to the sun. Size: 3-10 cm.

Each: 24.50


Cn-160 STINGING NETTLE JELLYFISH or LIONS MANE JELLYFISH, STINGING NETTLE JELLYFISHChrysaora (=Dactylometra) quinquecirrha or Cyanea sp. – a stinging pink medusa with dark radial lines. Pulses strongly in an aquarium and can be cut into concentric pieces that continue to pulse. Chrysaora may be subject to substitution with other small scyphozoan jellyfish. Size: 4-8 cm.

Each: 35.00



Cn-156 CANNONBALL JELLYFISH Stomolophys meleagris Its common name is derived from the similarity of its bell to a cannon ball in shape and size. This species is highly active. It can propel itself through the water by rapidly contracting its bell. They make an active display.  Size: 4-18cm

Each: $30.00




Cn-158 EDIBLE JELLYFISH Rhopilema verrili This species makes for a beautiful display in aquariums. Often hosting small schools of harvest fish that tightly school around its tentacles in the wild. 10-20cm

Each: $30.00


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