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Cypress from Tallahasee DemocratCypress Rudloe, Managing Director

Cypress Rudloe is the Executive Director of Gulf Specimen Marine Lab. He is the brainchild of two of Gulf Specimen’s newest directions the Sea Mobile and Sharks and Chablis. The Sea Mobile is a mobile aquarium that travels throughout South Georgia and North Florida to schools to teach kids about marine sea life and environmental ecosystems and to protect them. Sharks and Chablis is an annual fundraiser for the aquarium that is held in the spring. The fundraiser helps raise funds for the annual operation of the facilities. It has over 300 to 400 people in attendance each year, and is the aquarium largest fundraiser. He has been attracted to the ocean and marine environment ever since he was a small child. He grew up collecting specimens on the boat for the aquarium, and it became an apparent he was more at home on the ocean than anywhere else. He was raised by Ann Rudloe and Jack Rudloe founders of the aquarium. They are highly respected in the field of marine biology and environmental conservation. He is a scuba diver, boat captain and generally a nice guy. He is very knowledgeable of the marine animals throughout the North Florida area and  the different types of ecosystems found in the oceans. His plan is to expand the aquarium so that it can serve more people and continue its mission of teaching people about the marine environments and ways to protect them for future generations to enjoy. He is at the aquarium most days and you can e-mail him at

JackRudloe1Jack Rudloe, President

Education: Independent study, Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, Yale Peabody Museum, Smithsonian Institution

Fields of Competence: Marine science, natural history writing and interpretation, aquarium design and operation, marine animal life support systems, public relations and publicity

Experience: Mr. Rudloe is the founder of Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory. He is the author of 7 well-known books on Florida natural history and marine life. He achieved the first live exhibit of the world’s largest isopod, the deep-sea giant sea roach. He was instrumental in the New York Aquarium’s exhibit of the giant Surinam toadfish, also a first. He traveled to Malaysia and The People’s Republic of China as a representative of the U.S. International Trade Commission to develop fisheries cooperative agreements. He participated in teaching the first field marine biology class offered at the University of Central America, Managua, Nicaragua.

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DebbieClifford1Debbi Clifford, Office Manager

Debbi has worked various positions at Gulf Specimen, and has been here for about 27 years. Now, she is in charge of all office operations including gift shop, specimen sales, and field trip reservations. Debbi maintains the records and data base of turtles at Gulf Specimen. She has also participated in research programs, including sampling Ridleys in Dickerson and Levy Bays with entanglement nets.



Jessica Woodall,  Education/Intern Director

Jessica is in charge of coordinating our public outreach events. This includes table displays at various functions and the SeaMobile, our mobile aquarium. She also organizes our Aquatic Adventures summer camp, special events we host at the aquarium, and any promotional opportunities. If interested in any education or outreach programs, summer camp, SeaMobile or advertising for Gulf Specimen, her email is




Leslie Breland, Volunteer Coordinator

Contact Leslie for information about Gulf Specimen’s volunteer programs at

If you would like to contact Leslie about volunteer opportunities, please visit our “Support” page.




KeithKeith Grumbly, Volunteer

Education Bachelor Science in Business Administration University of Florida.

Volunteer since 2012. Duties include social media, website management, sea turtle rehabilitation, and field trip educator.






Richard (Dick) Gordon



is Gulf Specimen’s Scientist Emeritus who joined Gulf Specimen after retiring from the University of Manitoba in Canada. Gordon is best known for interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary work bridging biology with fields such as mathematics, engineering, physics and chemistry. His Gulf Specimen Marine Lab associated book “Embryogenesis Explained” will be published by World Scientific in May, 2017.

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AnnePortrait-Aug04 (2)Anne Rudloe, Ph.D

Education: Ph.D., Florida State University, 1978

Fields of Competence: Marine ecology, behavior, aquaculture, marine science education, natural history writing, and non-profit management

Experience: The late Dr. Rudloe has been associated with GSML since 1970 in all capacities. She was an adjunct professor at Florida State University and has worked as a consultant on public resource issues for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Atlantic States Fisheries Management Council. She is an author of 1 book, 15 natural history articles in national magazines, and 18 research articles in peer reviewed professional journals. She managed GSML full time from 1996 to 2012.

You Will Be Greatly Missed. In Loving Memory.

“Protecting the earth gives meaning and wholeness and a sense that you are contributing to a greater good. This earth should not be allowed to disappear. Now it is your turn.”Anne Rudloe

12-24-1947 to 4-27-12

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